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701 Series
Duct Heater Control Systems

The 701 Series Duct Heater Control System is a modulating electrical heating controller incorporating an electronic temperature sensing thermostat and a power unit. The controller automatically proportions power over a fixed time base with respect to the error between the set point and the temperature sensed. The thermostat develops pulses that are modulated in direct proportion to the temperature error.


The 701 Series SCR controller is designed for use in a master/slave configuration/connection. Every master or slave controls one phase and/or circuit within system. Only one master is required for each thermostat input for single or three phase applications.


     Accurate temperature control within 0.1F.

     Fast response time to temperature changes.

     RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

     For use on any electric heating element application.


Voltage: 120/208/240/277/480 Volts

Current: 12.5 to 25 Amps

Thermostat: 10K Thermistor

Optional Thermostat Inputs: See 707 Series Product Data for other inputs

701 Series
Electronic Thermostat

The 701 Series Thermostats are extremely responsive to temperature change. It provides almost immediate response to varying load conditions.


Thermostats are utilized with the 701 series SCR controllers for both single or three phase applications.


701 Series Product Data 701 Series Engineering Bulletin
701 Series Checkout Procedures

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