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709-VmA Series
Electronic Fan Speed Controls

The NEW 709-VmA Series electronic Controller is designed to provide proportional speed control of single phase motors for variable air volume applications. The Controller may be used with shaded pole or permanent split capacitor type motors from 120V to 480VAC.

The Controller phase proportions (modulates) the single phase power to regulate RPM as determined by a 2–10VDC or 4–20mA DC input signal provided by the customer. The optional 266 PI Interface can also be used to provide a desired setpoint of operation and drive the control as needed.

The 709-VmA Series Controller provides independent “maximum” and “minimum” speed limit adjustments. Also included, a separate continuous minimum speed or “drop out” function at minimum input.


The variable speed Controller is used for adjustment of motor RPM within a limited range of operating temperatures that assure adequate ventilation of the motor. The Controller is designed for air moving applications using squirrel cage or propeller type fans. It may be suitable for other, non air-moving, direct drive motor applications. Motors should be open, drip-proof types.


Features and Benefits

     Applicable for shaded pole or permanent split capacitor motors.

     Multi-voltage applications.

     Minimum/Maximum speed adjustments.

     Motor cut-out adjustment.


709-VmA Product Data Fan Speed Control System
709-VmA Installation & Operating Instructions Pressure & Flow Control Application Notes 

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