902 and 903 Series

Three Phase SCR Controller

This controller is designed for resistive heating applications. Both the 902 and 903 Series three phase SCR controllers are designed to function as a master/slave system. The 902 has two triacs and the 903 has three triacs, which may be connected in the line or in the Delta or Wye respectively.

A master unit is required for each control input. A master unit includes a 901-D Multiple Input Logic card mounted on the master for driving the power switch section of the 902/903. Additional three phase circuits that are controlled by the same input can be connected to a slave 902/903 unit.

Each three phase Master or Slave requires a separate three phase circuit connected to its specific KW load. Slave controllers used "stand alone" without a Master controller function as a "zero firing" three phase solid state contactor.

Slave units are identified with an “S” suffix: 902-S and 903-S. Model numbers also include voltage and current ratings of units (See Product Data).
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  • Factory wired and assembled three phase controller
  • Optional two or three triac power switch
  • The 901-D included with the master unit accepts multiple input signal types
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