706-FFS(TB) Series

Fan Motor Speed Controller with VariFlowâ„¢

The 706 Fan Controller with VariFlow™ converts constant volume central air conditioning systems with PSC or shaded pole motors to variable airflow systems. VariFlow™ adjusts the airflow by modulating the fan speed in both heating and cooling modes. The motor speed ramps up over time on startup to provide an ideal balance of both airflow and temperature. At the end of the cycle the speed ramps down over time to deliver residual energy remaining in the system to the conditioned space at a decreasing flow rate.
  • Reduces energy consumption by reclaiming residual energy
  • Reduces noise levels during start up and shut down of fan
  • Eliminates cold drafts
  • Works with direct-drive PSC or shaded pole motors
  • Works with single or multi stage thermostats
  • Wires in parallel with other electromechanical or electronic fan control systems
  • Two current ratings: 7.5 amps (Model 1) and 12.0 amps (Model 2)
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